The god of Nature, the Feral, and Cruelty in Coronus-Feya.

Appearance Edit

Karr appears as a humanoind wolf, similar to a Lycan werewolf. He often appears garbed in pelts and rough leathers, and usually appears with a staff of elder. Karr's eyes are a piercing emerald green, and his fur, though there is a little bit of white from age in spots, is predominantly gray.

Attitude towards others Edit

Towards Followers Edit

Karr generally regards his followers with a great deal of respect. He understands that his domain, and his view of the world is not very popular, and so greatly cares about those who serve him. He nevertheless never feels any sympathy towards followers of his that fall to the forces of nature, deeming them weak. But those that survive, Karr respects and cares for as if they themselves were forces of nature (which, as his servants, they essentially are).

"Nature is cruel." - Karr